Montag, 28. Januar 2013

polish jazz | vol.1

through my polish girlfriend i got hooked on the polish music scene and only now came to acknowledge the wealth of musical talent in this country. the subjective best-of will be featured regularly on this blog.

the first band has most probably the best combination of album title and album cover ever.


my journey into jazz came along way from listening to hardcore and metal via discovering the so-called jazzcore scene. it's been a long way but nonetheless i still appreciate stuff that does not walk along known territory. this is one good example. thoroughly enjoyed until now. this seems to be only available on bandcamp without any cd or vinyl release.


another quite amazing band is this trio. starting off as quite unspectactular acoustic jazz trio, they have gone on to release a double-cd of chopin interpration to their most recent record to date. highly recommended. their cds are available for an almost laughable 30zl from

a bassless trio of guitar, saxophone and drums. amazing stuff.

can be bought from

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