Samstag, 9. Februar 2013


i cannot really tell you why, but today i again fell in love with music and bands i thought i had left behind in the process of growing up ;)
nevermind, it's not jazz, not in the least, but music that in my eyes defies any specific description. i would call it metallic hardcore. call it what you will, it is simply good music.


a guitar, drums and vocal trio. i came across them way back when checking out bands from france and switzerland. their first record was called "initial". when this came out i really was into this kind of music and even tried to emulate this style with my mates in our band. i think comparisons to the mighty knut or tantrum are not so far off. really aggressive, a good deal of black metallish harmonies and also a good deal of crust. seems to be the way the swiss do their chaotic hardcore. they might not be so boring after all.



i have to admit that i am quite amazed that this type of music has survived at all, but then again that might have been my own egocentric view of the world. i am no longer into it, so it must die out since no one else has good taste in music.

this band is also quite nice in a brutal kind of way. productionwise nowhere near to the over-produced deathcore stuff. kinda reminds me of the first gaza. i really have to admit that this stuff perfectly fits my current mood.


since nowadays i spent most of my time in the office and have no desire to connect with any people related to any music scene whatsoever, i am also kind of out of the loop when it comes to which style of music is "en vogue". fell in love with Graveyard years ago when the released their first records, always liked Witchcraft and similar bands. now i am amazed that exactly this type of music is "en vogue". found out about this band while browsing through the vinyl section of some shop. the cover imidiately what to expect and this does not dissapoint. really a good listen, but i cannot get myself to believe that i need this record on my shelf at home.

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