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variations on a theme

after almost two decades of listening to extreme music (mostly various forms of metal and hardcore/punk) i came to appreciate the art of black metal.

i was always intrigued by the generel aura of evil and the anti-everything stance of this genre, but was deterred by the right wing leanings (especially in my pseudo-rebellious youth phase) and the bad recording quality. then i never really came around listening to it. when i discovered celeste, hexis and other hardcore bands playing with black metal aesthetics my interest was again sparked. long story short: i now really like black metal.

below you' ll find my recommendations (though not strictly limited to black metal:

Tod Huetet Uebel

(Supposedly) named after an Anaal Nathrakh song, this Portuguese/British two man band play an interesting brand of black metal with influences from Deathspell Omega, Abigor and the likes. Highly recommended. 


Anyone interested in this genre or extreme metal will know about Wrest/Jef Whitehead and the controversies around his person. So, leaving that aside, i thoroughly enjoy the last few albums and the new one is due in march.


From their bandcamp:
The debut full-length album, the first major step towards embodying the ideal that is Necrosadist. No restrictions, all ideas condensed into concise yet multifaceted and dynamic songwriting, making it our most complete release to date. "Abstract Satan" is a proper head-first initiation into the abyss of Necrosadist, a deluge of intense blasting violence, hints of occult psychedelia, chaotic wailing guitar solos and sombre atmospheres all pointing in the only direction possible - downwards towards Hell. 

Wreck and Reference

Quote from a bandcamp user.
This is what darkness sounds like. Dystopian, bleak darkness without a shred of hope. Wreck and Reference are one of my favourite discoveries of the last years.
 Created using only samples (also avaible on their bandcamp)


Death metal with a distinctive punk edge. Really a standout release imo.


Math black metal? Obviously.


Amazing polish experimental black metal that incorporates a lot of post-metal and drone.

Chaos Echœs

Highly experimental as well, this time from France.

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